Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: Forever Changes by Brendan Halpin

34165305:30 a.m., Brianna Pelletier gets ready for her daily pounding. As she lies on the couch, her dad beats her chest, then her back, coaxing the mucus out of her lungs. The pounding doesn’t take care of everything. Brianna’s held out for a long time, but a body with cystic fibrosis doesn’t last forever. It doesn’t matter that Brianna has a brilliant mathematical mind or that she’s a shoo-in for MIT. Or even that her two best friends are beautiful, popular, and loyal. In the grand scheme of things, none of that stuff matters at all. The standard life, lasting maybe seventy-five years, is no more than a speck in the sum total of the universe. At eighteen, and doubting she’ll make nineteen, Brianna is practically a nonentity. Of course she’s done the math. But in her senior year of high school, Brianna learns of another kind of math, in which an infinitely small, near-zero quantity can have profound effects on an entire system. If these tiny quantities didn’t exist, things wouldn’t make the same sense. 

Funny, tear-jerking, and memorable, the author’s second novel for teens introduces readers to an extraordinary girl who learns that the meaning of forever can change, and that life – and death – is filled with infinite possibilities.

Forever Changes by Brendan Halpin is a book about a girl, named Brianna, who has to live with cystic fibrosis. It is funny and a tear jerker. Mathematics is a heavy part in the story, which made it more interesting. It is a fast read, and the ending did make me cry. 

Brianna is a courageous, strong character. I love how she didn't let the disease she had keep her down. She lived life even though the doctors said she did not have much time left. Her crush, Adam, is such a sweet guy who is a little dorky, and her best friends, Stephanie and Melissa, are great friends.

This is such a touching story. I would recommend it to everyone.

Rating: 4/5

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