Monday, July 26, 2010

Review: Huge by Sasha Paley


April's been saving all year to afford Wellness Canyon (aka Fat Camp) and she can't wait to start losing weight. Wil's wealthy health-nut parents are forcing her to go to the camp, but Wil is determined to get revenge by gaining weight.

They're supposed to work together to meet their weight-loss goals. But Wil's leading April on "hikes" to 7-Eleven, April's relentless pep is driving Wil to hit her secret stash of Godiva, and soon they're both crushing on the same guy. With April as committed to the cause as Wil is determined to undermine the system, this summer's going to be about more than just counting calories....

I started to read Huge for I Heart Monster's Read Along a few weeks ago. I was happy to discover that Huge was a fun and easy read. The characters were interesting, and I was surprised that I ended up actually liking both April and Wil even though April is a much more likable character most of the time. It was nice to see April and Wil grow as characters as the book progressed.

Even though he is a minor character, my favorite character was Dave. He seemed like such a sweet guy, but I thought he was way too nice to April especially after the way she treated him. She was too blind by her selfish wants to see that he liked her, so I do not think that she deserved his kindness.

The main reason for the drama in the book was Colin, the jock of fat camp. Both April and Wil ended up crushing on him. Obviously, they ended up fighting with each other over him, and he turned out to be a huge jerk and player. Big surprise. Oddly enough, the experience actually caused them to become good friends in the end.

Huge is a great summer/ beach read. There are plenty of funny moments to keep you entertained. I have watched a couple episodes of the show on ABC Family, and I have discovered that the show is loosely based on the book. I did not see many similarities at all.

Side note: The chapter headings were yummy! They made me want s'mores every time I started a new chapter.

Rating: 3/5

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  1. this book looks fun and cute. definitely a great summer read.

  2. i love reading books about weight.well, since i myself have the same prob. but no biggie. the last time i read something like this is size 12 is not fat by meg cabot.this one sounds pretty interesting too!

    btw, i'm from CEP. =)

  3. I like books about weight too, they are just very real and I like that. This one sounds good, and I like to read the book before watching the show, so thanks for the warning about the show.

  4. I need more "summer" books to read and this sounds like a fun one. Great review :)