Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: Trance by Linda Gerber

It begins with a subtle vibration, a tingling.
There is time to take only one breath.
The trance begins.
When it is through, Ashlyn is certain of two things:
Someone she knows is about to die.
And she is powerless to stop it.

Wow! I liked this book way more than I thought I would! I could not put it down. It was such a quick and easy read.

Ashlyn and her sister have had visions for as long as they could remember. They do not know how to control them or how to stop them. All they know is that something bad is about to happen to someone they know. 

Linda Gerber did a wonderful job writing these characters. The side characters had as much life and energy as the main character did. I fell in love with them all! The romance of the book was very sweet and natural in a subtle way. I enjoyed every minute of this book, and I was sad to see it end.

Rating: 4/5

Any thoughts on this book? Let me know!

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