Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher


Sixteen year old Gemma is kidnapped from Bangkok airport and taken to the Australian Outback. This wild and desolate landscape becomes almost a character in the book, so vividly is it described. Ty, her captor, is no stereotype. He is young, fit and completely gorgeous. This new life in the wilderness has been years in the planning. He loves only her, wants only her. Under the hot glare of the Australian sun, cut off from the world outside, can the force of his love make Gemma love him back? The story takes the form of a letter, written by Gemma to Ty, reflecting on those strange and disturbing months in the outback. Months when the lines between love and obsession, and love and dependency, blur until they don't exist - almost.


Stolen definitely deals with a scary subject: kidnapping. This book seemed so believable and realistic that it truly did frighten me. The kidnapping scene was intimidating: being kidnapped in an airport and no one notices. It kind of makes me cautious of people in airports now.

Lucy Christopher obviously has a gift. Her book is unlike any book that I have ever read. I loved that it was written as one long letter to Gemma's captor, Ty. I could not help but like Ty even though he kidnapped Gemma and took her away from her family and life as she knew it. I know he is a major creeper, but, from Gemma's point of view, it was hard not to like him at times.

Overall, I found Stolen to be extremely interesting. The descriptions were beautiful. The story was captivating. This book was hard to read and disturbing at times, but I could not put it down. I found it to be fast-paced and original. It was suspenseful and the whole situation was kind of twisted, but I loved every minute of it.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I hadn't heard of this book before but your review makes it sound really interesting. It looks like a disturbing book but one I want to read anyway. I am going to add it to my TBR list.

  2. Hmm...I'm not sure how I feel about the synopsis, but if you enjoyed it so much, I might have to give it a shot. Thanks for the review!

  3. well said, I couldn't agree more.

  4. Awesome review! Here's mine if you don't mind:

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