Monday, August 30, 2010

From Dusk Till Dawn Read-A-Thon Finish Line

This read-a-thon has come to an end. I did not read that much at all, which was kind of disappointing. Most nights I could not stay up that late because I ended up falling asleep. Here is how it played out:
  • 8/25: I read pages 218-331 of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • 8/26: I read pages 1-120 of Heist Society by Ally Carter
  • 8/27: I read pages 121-226 of Heist Society
  • 8/28: I read pages 227-289 of Heist Society finishing the book, and I started Creepers by Joanne Dahme reading pages 1-72
  • 8/29: I finished Creepers by reading pages 72-231

I only read 2 books during this read-a-thon completely. I read part of Mockingjay because I just had to finished it before starting another book.

Total pages read: 633

Swords are for fighting,

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