Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Gemini Night (Star Crossed #3) by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Logan McRae's guy is far away and out of touch, and she is heartbroken. She turns to her mentor, renowned journalist Henry Jaffa, who helps her land a job as the Friday intern for CRUSH magazine in San Francisco. With a little luck, she could also be the mag's teen astrology columnist. All she has to do in order to prove herself to Stacy, her editor, is figure out the astrology chart for one of the celebs who will be attending the CRUSH launch party Halloween night. But when she studies the mystery person's chart, she sees disaster predicted for the weekend of the costume party. Who is the in-danger Gemini? Is it fashion designer Graciela Perez, the "Silver Dragon"? Is it her friend Chili's new guy, teen celebrity chef Alex Keen? Or
is it, as Logan suspects, out-of-control singing star Arianna Woods? As Logan turns to her book, Fearless Astrology for guidance, she sees something she's missed before. Big trouble is predicted that night for her sign as well.

Gemini Night was definitely my favorite book in the Star Crossed series. I thought this story was so adorable! I could not put it down. Like with the previous books, I learned more about astrology than I could have ever thought to want to know. It was interesting to see how much of astrology applied to me through my sign.

In this book, Logan has earned an internship at a magazine. Using her astrology skills, she discovers that someone will be in trouble on the night of the huge costume party! The mystery in this book was so much fun to read. It had me guessing right until the end.

My favorite part of this book was the ending. It was so cute! Such a happy ending that I really enjoyed. I also liked how the characters continued to grow. Logan learns more about astrology and how to apply it to her life. She learns not to jump to conclusions, and she overcomes some boyfriend problems. Paige probably grows the most. She is not the quiet girl from the first book. She comes out of her shell in a great way!

Gemini Night is a fun book. I loved the story full of excitement and mystery. I really enjoy how Bonnie Hearn Hill writes. Her writing pace is just perfect. I am looking forward to reading her other books.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I hadn't heard of this one but it's nice to hear that you liked it.