Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review: Taurus Eyes (Star Crossed #2) by Bonnie Hearn Hill


Look to the Stars.

Logan McRae is spending her summer at the camp of her dreams, thanks to her discovery of that amazing book, Fearless Astrology. Away from home and her friends, she now finds herself faced with a new set of challenges, a new enemy, and maybe even a new guy.

From the moment Jeremy Novack grabs her hand on the ghost-tour bus, Logan feels an immediate connection. She's sure Jeremy feels it too. But in order to secure a coveted writing spot in a national teen anthology, Logan must impress her instructor Henry Jaffa, the renowned journalist who is editing the book. She feels confident that she will shine with her brilliant astrological piece about Sun signs, but then Jaffa switches everyone's topics!

Now Logan has to compete with Jeremy, who seems obsessed by their shared topic about the ghost of an obscure dead singer. Logan has only the stars to guide her as she tries to win the respect of her idol, write a stellar essay, and capture the heart of her newfound crush.

Taurus Eyes is the second book in the Star Crossed series, and I would say it is better than the first. This time around, Logan is at Writer's Camp taught by the famous Henry Jaffa. Throughout the book, we learn more about each of the astrological signs as Logan tries to write her paper from an astrological perspective. Along the way, there is plenty of drama, boy problems, and even ghosts!

My favorite part of this book is the mystery. I absolutely loved guessing what was actually going on. Adding the idea of ghosts to the story was exciting and added to the mystery! Logan was so much fun in this book. She is more sure of herself and what she wants. I really liked Jeremy, her crush this time around, more than Nathan. Nathan always seemed a bit shady to me, so it was nice to see a guy with good intentions. I would have to say their romance seemed a bit premature. One thing I really liked about this book was that Logan put her writing before the boy. I thought that was awesome. So many books are all about getting the guy that it makes it seem like the girl NEEDS the guy to succeed. I liked that this was not the case. The guy was more of an added bonus, not a necessity.

Taurus Eyes was a spectacular addition to the Star Crossed series. I am definitely enjoying everything about this series. Each book is so much fun to read. It seems like I learn something new about astrology every chapter. Before reading this series, I never knew astrology can be so much fun! If you like fun, light reads, I recommend picking up this book.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy Gemini Night. A real mystery there.

    Bonnie Hearn Hill