Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Santa Paws on Christmas Island by Kris Edwards

The Callahans are about to settle in for an unusually snowy holiday at home, when a last minute opportunity lands them in the tropics instead. With surfboards, sand castles, and sunshine, this vacation to Christmas Island might be the best trip the Callahans have ever taken.

While the Callahans try to relax, Santa Paws is hard at work. He saves people from drowning and even prevents Abigail the cat from being devoured by an aligator. But before the holiday is over, it's Santa Paws who will need to be rescued. You'll never guess who saves the day! It's a magical Christmas for everyone.

Quick Review:
Santa Paws On Christmas Island was a fun children's book. I actually enjoyed this little book more than I thought it would. I am sure kids will enjoy this story and fall in love with Santa Paws. I thought the plot was adorable and fun. Perfect book for Christmas time. Santa Paws has some Lassie in him. I loved that Santa Paws saves the lives of many people throughout the book. I definitely recommend this book for children. What kid does not want to read about a dog that saves people?

Rating: 4/5

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