Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggiesta Wrap Up

I accomplished so much during this year's Bloggiesta! Although I did not get everything done off of my list, I got more done than I thought I would.

Here is what I accomplished:
  • made my blog mobile friendly
  •  Shadow of the Sun Review
  • Graded my blog: Website grade: 91/100 Blog Grade:85/100 Twitter Grade:81/100
  • The Replacement Review
  • Posted the winner of my CSN Stores giveaway
  • Updated my Review Archive page
  • Updated Goodreads
  • cleaned up reader
  • cleaned up sidebars
  • created a button for my blog for the Design Your Own Button Challenge. Now you can grab my button if you would like to:
Create your own banner at!

  • Cleaned my inbox out using tips from the Email best practices and solutions mini-challenge 
  • Completed the 10 Things A Blogger Should Not Do Challenge from Hannah at Word Lily (you can read my post about it here)
  • finished all of the mini challenges 
  • IMM Post
  • added all of my reviews to Amazon
  • added all of my reviews to Random Buzzers
  • redesigned my blog.
  • added an About Me page
  • created a Facebook Page for Swords for Fighting
  • added a Facebook button
  • added a Twitter button
Wow! That is a  lot of stuff I did. I actually can't believe it. In total, I spent (according to my calculations) 11 hours and 23 minutes working on my blog during Bloggiesta. (Hopefully I do well on my midterms! Yikes!)

Here is the list of things I wanted to do but never got to:
  • Read Soul Stalker
  • update profile
  • clean up tags
  • change my twitter name to match my blog
  • check for dead links
  • change twitter and goodreads picture to match blogger picture
  • create a ratings system
  • get a custom domain name
  • add all books in a series to reviews
  • add a signature to each blog post (I just noticed it disappeared! It probably happened when I redesigned my blog.)
Maybe my goal will be to do one of these things each week until I finish all of them.

Swords are for fighting,


  1. Way to go! I don't know about you but I enjoyed checking off my list...

  2. Congrats on all of the things that you were able to accomplish! It feels great to work on the blog and do so much, doesn't it? :)