Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Activity #7: Busting Bookshelves

For this activity, I must show you all a picture of my bookshelf...well here it is!

No, these are not all of my books, but these are most of them. As far as my system goes, I try to organize my books, but I am not very good at it. I will try to explain my "organization" by each shelf:

Top Shelf-
  • signed books
  • ARCs
  • books to review
  • Twilight
Second Shelf-
  • YA in the back
  • recently bought and have not read in the pile in the front
Middle Shelf-
  • YA in the back
  • books I traded for using PaperBack Swap in the pile to the left (haven't read them yet)
  • borrowed books are in the pile on the right (haven't read those either)
Fourth Shelf-
  • Adult books in the back
  • Pile to the left are books I bought, but have not read
  • Stack to the right are more books I still need to read
Last Shelf-
  • In the back are all of my animal books from books I read as a child to books about horse health
  • Both stacks are books I have not read yet
My bookshelf is a little out of control. I plan on going through all of my books soon and finding new homes for the ones I do not want anymore. I also want to organize it better, but I do not know how I can. Any suggestions?

Swords are for fighting,

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