Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia #4) by C.S. Lewis

Narnia has been at peace since Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund helped rid the kingdom of the evil White Witch. But the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve have returned to their own world and a dark presence now rules this once harmonious land...

Wicked King Miraz has imposed a pernicious new order of persecution and imprisonment, but the King's nephew and rightful heir, young Prince Caspian, realizing the evil of his uncle's regime, vows to revive Narnia's glorious past. Fearing for his life, he is forced to flee and calls on the four children, the magic of the mighty lion Aslan, and an army of fauns, dwarfs and woodland spirits to help him in his seemingly impossible task.

Prince Caspian is another great installment in the Chronicles of Narnia. C.S. Lewis is an amazing writer and story teller, and this book proves to be no exception. I really like that Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are back in this book as the main characters. I enjoyed reading about the Pevensie children rediscover Narnia. About 1,000 years have passed since they ruled Narnia, so Narnia looks a but different. I loved how Aslan revealed himself to the children one by one showing that the others should just believe. Narnia is such a magical world that I think anyone can enjoy reading about. I know I will reread these books in the future, and when I have kids I will read this lovely series to them as well.

Rating: 5/5

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